Tyler Lam & Lucas Lam


Tyler - 9 years old; Lucas - 8 years old


Instrument to be played:




Hello, we are Tyler and Lucas. Although we are not yet very good at piano, we want to do this to raise money for people who may need our help. We love sports especially soccer, tennis and swimming. We also like learning about technologies and love IT and robotics classes.

Today we will be playing Hedwig’s Theme together which is from the movie Harry Potter. We hope you will enjoy our performance and support our cause!

No. of supporters:


Amount raised as of 11 August:

HK$ 34,500

Total accumulated amount:

HK$ 35,600



1/  Mr Clarence Lam          $1,000

2/  Mr Paul Lam          $5,000

3/  Mrs Regina Chow          $1,000

4/  Mrs Ling Li          $1,000

5/  Mrs Juliette Chow          $3,000

6/  Ms Christine Lam          $2,000

7/  Mr David Liao          $10,000

8/  Mr Wallace Lam          $7,000

9/  Mrs Teresa Chow          $1,000

10/  Mr Hilton Chow          $2,000

11/  Mrs Carrie Li          $1,000

12/  Ms Victoria Chow          $500

13/  Ms Aki Fang          $1,000

14/  Mr Lam Timothy Junior          $100

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