Little Artists is an art project that features the young philanthropists with artistic talents. Each participating individual/group contributes an original artwork to express the theme “Togetherness” to be exhibited.


Date : 24 & 25 April 2021 (Sat & Sun)
Venue : Pottinger 22 Gallery 
Address : 22 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours : 10am -  6pm (45 minutes per session)
Capacity : 33 guests per session


* RSVP required.
* Visitors need to measure the body temperature before entering the venue. Anyone with fever or upper respiratory tract infection symptoms would not be allowed to enter.
* Visitors have to complete and submit the health declaration form at the reception counter.
* Visitors must wear a mask during the visit.
* Visitors have to keep 1.5m distance with others.

Snapshots might be taken for HKSPC's future marketing purposes.




Please click HERE to register. 





Take a glance at all remarkable artwork HERE.





Consists of 42 artworks from our little artists. Available to buy online or at the exhibition on 24 & 25 April.


Price: HK$40 each


The participating individual/groups helped fundraise by inviting their family and friends to make donations. Please join them to support us. 

Use of Funds
All the money raised will enable HKSPC to provide:

- free professional assessment service for children suspected of having special educational need (SEN) such as speech and language impairments, attention deficit, emotional or behavioral difficulties, etc. It is vital for the SEN children to grasp the golden treatment period and to receive timely and appropriate support services.


- fee remission for students from our nursery schools, day crèches, and after school care and tutorial service of Children and Family Services Centres so as to alleviate parents’ financial burden in this difficult time.



  • Do I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, any donation of $100 or above is 100% tax deductible in Hong Kong.


  • Is there a deadline for making donations?

You can make general donations to the event until end of May.



Campaign artwork by RCS

Campaign support by Pottinger 22 Gallery

Prize sets by Ms Katherine Kung

Studio tour by Chris Huen Sin Kan