Jason Liu, Nathan Liu & Ryan Liu


Jason - 6 years old; Nathan - 4 years old; Ryan - 2 years old


Instrument to be played:

Jason, Nathan - Violin; Ryan - Cheerleader!



Hi everyone, this is Jason, Nathan and Ryan. We started playing violin more than a year ago. Ode to Joy celebrates the joy that come from God's love and grace. We love playing it very much and we would like to share this joy with everyone.


Apart from music, we love sports (e.g. basketball, tennis, running) and science (e.g. experiments and robots!). Please support our cause to help underprivileged children and families and make donations to HKSPC now!

No. of supporters:


Amount raised as of 11 August:

HK$ 66,000

Total accumulated amount:

HK$ 68,100



1/  Mrs Sandra Mak          $10,000

2/  Mrs Eva Chan          $10,000 

3/  Mrs Henrietta Leung          $10,000

4/  Mr & Mrs Timothy & Cindy Poon          $10,000

5/  Mr & Mrs Justin & Tammy Liu          $10,000

6/  Ms Betty Lo          $1,000

7/  Ms Jeannie Kwoh          $2,000

8/  Anonymous          $1,000

9/  Ms Yogi Wong          $2,000

10/  Ms Charmaine Li          $5,000

11/  Anonymous          $5,000

12/  Anonymous          $2,000

13/  Mr Lam Timothy Junior          $100

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