Harold Chan


7 years old


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Hello everyone, I’m Harold! I’m 7 years old and I have been learning the drum for 2 years. I think drum is a really cool instrument and I enjoy it very much. My younger brother, Harvey, has also just started learning. Besides drum, I also like to read, play football and LEGO.


My piece of music is called Love is the Drug, and I hope we can use Love as a drug to heal the world and help those in need. I hope you’ll enjoy the musics, thank you for your donation and supporting our cause!

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1/  Mr Douglas Chan          $2,000

2/  Mr Anthony Fung          $500

3/  Ms Tiffany Chan          $300

4/  Mr Jeffrey Chan          $500

5/  Ms Wong Wai Kay Vicky          $1,000

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10/  Mr Stanford Kuo          $500

11/  Mr Derek Chan          $1,000

12/  Mr Edwin Au Yueng          $500

13/  Ms Cheng Kim          $500

14/  Ms Davina Chan          $500

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16/  Mr Hsu Chai Yu          $500

17/  Ms Walter Cheung          $200

18/  Ms Chan Tak Yau Claire         $500

19/  Mr Lam Timothy Junior          $100

20/  Ms ML          $300

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