Charlotte Tung


6 years old


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Hello everyone. My name is Charlotte Tung and I'm 6 years old and I'm the youngest in my house. My twin brothers each play a different instrument and I've just started learning Cello in the beginning of 2020. I love music and I hope you will enjoy my first cello performance ever!

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HK$ 14,300

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HK$ 14,400



1/  Ms Jennifer Cheng          $800

2/  Ms Wendy Shen         $1,000

3/  Mrs Kalvin Rhodes          $1,000

4/  Ms Isabelle & Sarah          $1,000

5/  Tai Por Por          $8,000

6/  Yi Por Por          $2,000

7/  Ms Irene Chu          $500

8/  Mr Lam Timothy Junior          $100

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