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Winston Ng



4 years old



Hi, I’m Winston. I just turned 4 years old in December. I like to run and practice Taekwondo with my older brother, Oliver.

I like Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman and Ninjago. I like drawing and painting. I like to eat oranges and candies. 


What does togetherness mean to you?

Togetherness means eating and playing with each other. It makes me think of jam and bread and hugging mummy. 


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1/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

2/  Roger Tong          HK$200

3/  Giselle Grace Chung          HK$100

​4/  Stephanie Chow          HK$500

5/  Fiona Lee          HK$500

6/  Chunyin Chow          HK$500

7/  Jennifer Cheng          HK$200

8/  Allie & Nic          HK$100

9/  Carus Tso          HK$500

​10/  Stephen Lau          HK$500

​11/  Hailey Yuen          HK$100

12/  Marvin Chui          HK$100

13/  Won Hun          HK$100

14/  JM Huibonhoa          HK$250

15/  Jillyan Huibonhoa          HK$250

16/  Matthew Man          HK$200

17/  River Chien          HK$1,000

​18/  Lauren & Ella Chow          HK$500

​19/  Charlotte Tsui          HK$500

20/  Dr & Mrs KK Chow          HK$2,000

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