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Wong Yin Tak Vince



5 years old



Hello! I'm Vince. I am 5 years old. I think "togetherness" mean teachers and friends are in one community.


What does togetherness mean to you?

Teachers and friends are always in one community.

Total amount raised:

HK$ 10,500

No. of supporters:



1/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

2/  Anonymous          HK$5,000

3/  Ayden Ku          HK$500

4/  Catherine Lau          HK$1,000

5/  Anonymous          HK$500

6/  Rachel          HK$100

7/  Kurtis          HK$500

8/  Alice Tsang          HK$500

9/  V.Chung          HK$1,000

10/  Jacqueline Chow          HK$500

11/  Wong family          HK$300

12/  Dr Christina Cheng          HK$500

The personal pledge period has ended.

We greatly appreciate all supporters for joining to support HKSPC!



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