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Valerie Jia Qi Wen



3 years old



I’m Valerie Wen and I have a little sister name Chloé !  I am 3 years old and currently in K1. I love to paint, sing,  blow bubbles and play hide and seek with mommy and daddy! 


What does togetherness mean to you?

Togetherness to me means being able to run around freely on the beaches with my mommy, daddy and baby sister. 

Total amount raised:

HK$ 18,800

No. of supporters:



1/  Santa          HK$100

2/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

3/  Beatrice Wen          HK$1,000

4/  Auntie Ellie          HK$200

5/  E & CM Ng          HK$500

6/  Jacqueline & Evan Chow          HK$1,000

7/  Auntie Ethel          HK$100

8/  Rabbit family          HK$200

9/  Gauzi          HK$100

10/  Jennifer Ma          HK$500

11/  Uncle Nick & Auntie S          HK$300

12/  Auntie Janet & JJ          HK$500

13/  Stewie Lui          HK$500

14/  Annie Lee          HK$1,000

15/  Kenneth Lee          HK$200

16/  Ria, Ella & Bella          HK$500

17/  Elizabeth Lau @ Mr. Men Studio          HK$500

18/  R&G          HK$500

19/  Uncle Calvin & Auntie Christine          HK$1,000

20/  Veronica and Peter          HK$500

21/  Jonathan Law          HK$500

22/  Auntie Cordelia & Uncle Sam          HK$500

23/  Midland Consumer International Ltd.          HK$8,000

24/  Uncle Jamee & Auntie Robin          HK$500

The personal pledge period has ended.

We greatly appreciate all supporters for joining to support HKSPC!



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