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Louca Bimar & Etienne Bimar



Louca - 11 years old; Etienne - 9 years old



We are 2 brothers who love pottery and painting. We are very fortunate to learn from local artists using different techniques and mediums. We love looking at their artwork for inspiration. Thank you Hilarie, Suzy and Lily for making it fun for us!


What does togetherness mean to you?

Togetherness is working as a team and caring for one another towards a common goal.

Total amount raised:

HK$ 15,300

No. of supporters:



1/  Katherine Kung          HK$2,000

2/  Wen Chang          HK$1,000

3/  tutu clay          HK$2,000

4/  Jennifer          HK$200

5/  Serina Lui          HK$500

6/  MK          HK$2,000

7/  Rabiah          HK$500

8/  Anonymous          HK$1,000

9/  Heidi Kwok          HK$1,000

10/  Deborah Chan          HK$1,000

11/  Fong Chun Man          HK$1,000

12/  Sharlene Gill          HK$100

13/  Adelina & David Adams          HK$200

14/  The Chus          HK$2,000

15/  Ida          HK$200

16/  CC          HK$500

17/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

The personal pledge period has ended.

We greatly appreciate all supporters for joining to support HKSPC!



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