Frances Bittl



2 years old



I am 2 years old, currently one of my favorite books is Stick Man by Julia Donaldson, which is the inspiration for my sculpture. I like to recycle, I found fallen sticks from my daily park visit as the material for this project. Thank you for supporting. Let's stick(s) together!


What does togetherness mean to you?

Let's help each other and stick(s) together!

Total amount raised:

HK$ 91,500

No. of supporters:



1/  Katherine Bittl          HK$20,000

2/  Carmen Choi          HK$1,000

3/  Auntie Justine          HK$1,000

4/  Yin Ng          HK$1,000

5/  Geoffrey          HK$1,000

6/  Kimi          HK$2,000

7/  Lucas Yeh          HK$3,000

8/  KL          HK$5,000

9/  O'Neill Petra          HK$500

10/  Charleen Tong          HK$500

11/  Charlotte Ng          HK$1,000

12/  Uncle Alby          HK$1,000

13/  Kathleen Kam          HK$2,000

14/  Fiona Lai          HK$1,000

15/  Patrick          HK$1,000

16/  Kanoa          HK$1,500

17/  Mrs Man          HK$3,800

18/  Delia Leung          HK$500

19/   Kian & Toby          HK$500 

20/  Karena Ng          HK$500

21/  Sofia & Nicolas          HK$500

22/  Auntie Tania          HK$800

23/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

24/  Mel & Larry          HK$3,000

25/  Celine Kung          HK$2,000

26/  Marina          HK$500

27/  Grandma Popo          HK$10,000

28/  Jasmine Gan          HK$1,000

29/  Auntie Jackie & Uncle Rafe          HK$1,000

30/  Kai & Finn Kuok          HK$1,000

31/  Uncle Jim          HK$500

32/  Noah & Arran          HK$500

33/  Julia Liu          HK$1,000

34/  Veronica          HK$500

35/  Vivian Lau          HK$500

36/  Auntie Julz          HK$800

37/  Claire Chen          HK$1,000

38/  Alice Yee          HK$1,000

39/  Grandpa GongGong          HK$10,000

40/  Uncle Justin          HK$5,000

41/  Jee Park          HK$1,000

42/  Aunty Joanna          HK$2,000

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We greatly appreciate all supporters for joining to support HKSPC!



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