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Brady Chun Kei Lee



3.5 years old



Brady has always been fascinated with marine life, ever since his first visit to the aquarium. At this young age, he has already had a good grasp of biodiversity in the marine world and the importance of sustainability.

Having read extensively on the ocean and gone on regular field trips, Brady could keep talking about his imaginary marine friends for hours, or even days! When the word “Togetherness” came to mind, Brady instantly related his family with his own creative world of marine life.

To complete his artwork, he carefully retrieved his precious collections of seashells and meticulously stuck them one by one to his watercolor painting, with each piece representing one excursion of his.


What does togetherness mean to you?

Togetherness means sticking together as one, rain or shine. While playing peek-a-boo with Lord Corona, I brought my family to the ocean. We all became fish and had so much fun with Starfish Susie, Stingray Jack and Octopus JoJo.

We took shelter in coral reef at night, and seaweeds guided our way when we were lost. I can’t wait till the day when Lord Corona goes away and we will return to motherland as one.

Total amount raised:

HK$ 12,700

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1/  Stephanie Ko          HK$1,000

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10/  Calvin Lee          HK$2,000

11/  Anina Ho          HK$500

12/  Stephanie Yeung          HK$1,000

13/  Gisele Ma          HK$500

14/  Damien and Shawn Ma          HK$500

15/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

16/  Betty Ng          HK$500

17/  Lam's Family          HK$500

18/  Rita Pang          HK$500

19/  Madeline Lok          HK$300

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21/  Brandon Chun          HK$200

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