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Cheung Kin Hei, Aiden



4.5 years old



Hi.  This is Aiden.  I have made a drawing showing Happy Times playing with children who are not as lucky as me. 

Can you please support me in raising money for Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, so they can help other children who are less fortunate? 

So they can have books and toys like me?  I wish all children can be happy, then I am happy and I am sure you will be happy too!  


What does togetherness mean to you?

Togetherness is to be with others you love and respect and to share all the happy things in life!  I like to make friends with other children.  We can play together, laugh together and have many happy memories together!

Total amount raised:

HK$ 28,568

No. of supporters:



1/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

2/  Anna & Canny Cheung          HK$5,000

3/  DV So          HK$1,000

4/  Cammie Kwok          HK$1,000

5/  Bonnie Lo          HK$1,000

6/  Peter K C Chan          HK$200

7/  Judith Shen          HK$500

8/  Uncle Norman          HK$1,000

9/  Yuka          HK$500

10/  Winnie          HK$500

11/  Thomas Chu          HK$200

12/  Michele and NiQ Lai          HK$1,000

13/  Uncle Jim          HK$300

14/  Kenneth Kung          HK$200

15/  Ivan Tang          HK$100

16/  Uncle Bill          HK$200

17/  Alan Chung & Family          HK$380

18/  Raymond Cheng          HK$100

19/  Jason          HK$100

20/  Anthony Woo          HK$100

21/  Joseph Wai          HK$300

22/  Jocelyn and David Wu          HK$1,000

23/  Lawrence Wan          HK$500

24/  Jodie          HK$500

25/  Ken Young          HK$200

26/  Victor Ting          HK$100

27/  Francis          HK$200

28/  Michael Loong          HK$200

29/  Ashok Bharwani          HK$200

30/  Auntie Cat          HK$200

31/  Jeffrey Chan          HK$200

32/  Francis Cheung          HK$500

33/  Bane Dorrance          HK$300

34/  Auntie E          HK$388

35/  Grandma          HK$200

36/  E Luk          HK$500

37/  Ruby Yam          HK500

38/  Curtis Adeline Op Wilfred          HK$1,000

39/  Curtis Kwan          HK$200

40/  Uncle Henry          HK$500

41/  Henry Chung          HK$800

42/  Vivian Chen          HK$1,000

43/  Dai Boo & Rocky Boo          HK$800

44/  Nicholas Kao          HK$200

45/  3 Gou Gou          HK$1,000

46/  Thomas Ho           HK$500

47/  Rena          HK$500

48/  Mok family          HK$2,000

49/  Gerardo Fongg          HK$400

50/  John Koh          HK$200

The personal pledge period has ended.

We greatly appreciate all supporters for joining to support HKSPC!



If you wish to support this event: