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Agnes Choi, Audrey Choi & Astor Choi


3 monkeys (ignore our always- nagging Aunt Yildiz) from left to right :

Astor - 4 years old; Agnes - 7 years old; Audrey - 6 years old


We are sisters and we share lots in common. To name a few, we hate studying, but love painting! We love mushroom, but hate sweet and sour pork. Chocolate, candies, lemon tea are our favorites.


What does togetherness mean to you?

To us, “Togetherness” used to mean the three of us spending all the time together, no other people. Now we learn that  “Togetherness” means the love, care and acceptance we have for others. No matter what colour your skin is, how tall you are, what language you speak, we are one whole family. We look after and help out each other. Yes, we so far and No, we so close.

Total amount raised:

HK$ 289,980

No. of supporters:



1/  Timothy Lam Junior          HK$100

2/  Stephanie Choi          HK$2,400

3/  Pou Howard          HK$1,000

4/  Phoebe Lam          HK$1,000

5/  Wilson          HK$1,000

6/  Fanny Cheung          HK$2,500

7/  Joan Lee          HK$500

8/  Victor          HK$200

9/  #musicforever          HK$500

10/  Nichol Yip          HK$1,000

11/  Mr Szeto          HK$800

12/  Ms Chow          HK$1,000

13/  Richard Choi          HK$5,000

14/  Dina Siu          HK$1,000

15/  William Chow          HK$1,000

16/  Prince Bakery          HK$680

17/  QL          HK$300

18/  Arnold & Angela Cheng          HK$1,000

19/  Norman Yung          HK$1,000

20/  Raymond Cheung          HK$1,000

21/  Eugenie Luk          HK$500

22/  Sofia & Joshua Yon          HK$1,000

23/  Esther Ko          HK$500

24/  Blueblood Stephan          HK$3,000

25/  Sharon Tam          HK$500

26/  Bitcoin          HK$500

27/  Dickson Tse          HK$1,000

28/  Kitty Mau          HK$500

29/  Stella Lai          HK$1,000

30/  Anonymous          HK$5,000

31/  Trevor Chow          HK$1,000

32/  Anita Yip          HK$1,500

33/  Wonderful Angel          HK$250,000

34/  William A Nader          HK$1,000

The personal pledge period has ended.

We greatly appreciate all supporters for joining to support HKSPC!



If you wish to support this event: